Xaver Award 2020

«Anything goes» – the «Surrealist Dinner» impressively demonstrated that litterly everything is possible. What has been announced as a «fantastic journey» turned out to be a terrific staging and a dinner of a special kind. In collaboration with local partners, curator Charles Kaisin delighted around 120 guests from the event industry. Exactly one year before the official opening, a B2B event was presented with the “Surrealist Dinner”, which impressively introduced the brand “Halle 550 – Anything goes” in the industry. The largest Lego table in the world, original costumes, a menu by the star chef Andy Zaugg with seasonal swiss products – the “Surrealist Dinner” overwhelmed all expectations.

Suki LLC, Guido Rumi & Mark Strähl: Concept, strategy, client representation & consulting
Komvent GmbH, Mark Strähl: Events, planning specialist & PR
FS Parker, Christoph Schmidt: Branding, art direction & communication

Genossenschaft Migros Zürich (GMZ)