The makers behind Halle 550. Together, we can create a great event.

Want to learn more about our unique event location? Or are you already in the middle of planning your event? Please do not hesitate to contact us personally. We would be delighted to work with you to create an unforgettable event.

Claudio is the head of the team and also an excellent number cruncher. With his calm and balanced manner, he keeps a cool head even in heated discussions. In order to live up to his role as a calming influence, he has probably jogged around the world at least once. In addition to nature, he also likes to spend time at the hearth or on deserted islands. Photo
Claudio Losa

Head of Event Venues

Rudi makes sure that our operational apparatus runs smoothly. With his charming and humorous manner, he is the string puller in the kitchen and project management areas. When he's not making sure that our guests receive top-notch service, he also likes to be served himself as a gourmet. Photo
Rudi Müller

Head of Events

Simone is the mommy of the team. If the shoe pinches somewhere, she has an open ear. Of course, her empathy doesn't let her down with customers either. As a self-proclaimed "Tüpflischiesserin", no one can get past her when it comes to spelling. Photo
Simone Graf

Head of Sales and Communication

Stanley is our hipster in the team. No sooner has a new bar opened than he has visited it. As a self-proclaimed gin connoisseur, he's been around quite a bit. For him, electronic music is a must with a good gin. As a project manager, he sets the tone at our events. Photo
Stanley Aebi

Project Manager

Sabine is a gastronome with heart and soul. This passion is not only noticeable in the event preparation, but also in direct contact. With her positive and open-minded manner, she is not only popular with customers. To compensate, she is often out and about with her two St. Bernards or expands her knowledge at wineries. Photo
Sabine Graf

Project Manager

If creative ideas are needed, Fabienne is not far away. She combines trends with a trained eye for snapshots and professional skills. With her motivated and upbeat manner, she keeps the team's spirits high. As a former globetrotter, she now likes to be at home with a good glass of red wine. Photo
Fabienne Leutenegger

Sales and Communication

Erik's Swedish heart beats especially for rowing and his motorcycle, with which he likes to travel across Switzerland in warmer months. Always with a smile on his face, he ensures that Hall 550 is ready for any occasion in the areas of furniture, building services, electricity and cleaning. Photo
Erik Sandin

Head of Facility Management

Igor is already part of the inventory, because he knows our neighboring location StageOne like the back of his hand. In summer, he likes to spend his free time in his allotment garden behind the French border. With his helpful and courteous manner, he contributes significantly to every successful event. Photo
Igor Ilic

Facility Manager

Anna Rall

Project assistant

Ali completes our team as the newest addition and Appenzeller with Kurdish roots. His love of experimenting with spices and spiciness gives his dishes a distinctive touch. His unique sense of humor also brings a certain wit to even the toughest day. Photo
Ali Ulas

Executive Chef Events

"A recipe has no soul. You as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe." This quote from Thomas Keller sums up Marcel's passion for cooking. Combined with his passion for photography, he creates mouthwatering images. Photo
Marcel Zumbrunnen

Executive Chef

Marinko Matvi

Facility Manager