Station X – Dinner. Experience. Show.

In 2023, the fictional railway station of superlatives opened its doors for the first time. An immersive experience full of wonders and curiosities that catapulted every visitor into the fictional era of retro-futurism.

Unique stories, fascinating discoveries
Unpredictable stories centred on replicant research unfold with a breathtaking mix of acrobatics, magic, dance and music.

Perfection in the secret laboratory
The special scientific unit has gone all out in the hidden laboratory to perfect the vision of Mr Aldwyn Icks and his railway station of the future: AI service staff, the best entertainment programme, a culinary explosion of flavours to tantalise guests’ taste buds.

Discover your own story
The stories were waiting to be discovered by visitors in various areas. Each guest decided for themselves which path they wanted to take and which secrets they wanted to uncover. An unforgettable adventure full of secrets, intrigue and exciting discoveries awaited the guests.

Mind the Gap, please!
Welcome back to Station X in 2024!

Station X | Dinner. Experience. Show.

📸 by Sören Funk